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Mediation Fee Schedule

Hourly Fee Mediations
In addition to a standard administrative fee of $200.00, there will be a set hourly fee of $275.00 for the mediation. In those cases where more than three parties participate, the hourly rate will increase $50.00 per hour, per party for each additonal party over three.

Flat Fee Mediations
Half-day mediations, either morning or afternoon sessions, can be accomplished for a flat rate where there are three parties or less. The half day flat fee applies to mediations that last four hours or less. Each additional party over three will result in the flat fee increasing by $250.00 per party. The flat fee for the half-day mediation must be paid prior to the onset of the mediation. Full day mediations are accomplished for a flat fee. If a half day mediation lasts more than four hours, the full day flat fee applies. There is no administrative fee on flat fee cases.

Travel Time: There are no charges for travel time or mileage within the Greater New Orleans or Houston metropolitan areas. Travel outside those areas will be billed at the rate of $.50 per mile. In matters where air travel is involved, reimbursement for airfare (non-First Class) and appropriate lodgings will be billed.

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