Pre-Trial Solutions of Louisiana: Your alternative for alternative dispute resolution

Why Use Pre-Trial Solutions of Louisiana

Pre-Trial Solutions of Louisiana offers services which have been proven effective to eliminate the delays and excessive costs in both the prosecuting and defending of civil lawsuits.

The mere fact that the parties agree to participate in mediation demonstrates both their acknowledgement of the pitfalls and pratfalls of civil litigation and of their willingness to resolve their differences and move on to bigger and better things.

By employing a confidential decision-making process where the mediator, as a neutral third party, facilitates communication between the litigants, the parties are able to be guided towards a voluntarily and mutually acceptable resolution of their differences. While aiding the parties toward this goal, the mediator allows the parties to make their own decision and resolve the conflict on their own terms.

By determining the time and place of their negotiations, the litigants are given control of their rights, duties and obligations and are able to avoid the delays and expenses inherent in litigation. Mediation allows the parties to amicably resolve their differences and avoid the stress, frustration and uncertainty with any decision made by a judge or jury.

All proceedings are confidential and aimed towards an amicable resolution. None of the participants to the mediation waive any legal rights by agreeing to mediate.

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